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Almonds are a good source of monounsaturated fats

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Welcome to on American Almonds Giri 1kg!!

 “Elevate Your Well-Being”

Experience a journey to better health with American Almonds Giri 1kg Badam, the epitome of nutritious indulgence.

  • Nutrient-Rich Marvel: These almonds are a treasure trove of essential nutrients, including Vitamin E, fiber, and protein, supporting your overall health.
  • Heart’s Best Friend: Regular consumption may contribute to heart health, aiding in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Satisfying Crunch: The delightful crunch of these almonds adds a pleasurable texture to your meals and snacks.

 “Versatile Almonds for Culinary Creativity”

Unleash your inner chef with American Almonds Giri 1kg Badam and embark on a culinary adventure like never before.

  • Healthy Snacking: Enjoy them as a guilt-free snack, providing sustained energy and curbing those mid-day cravings.
  • Kitchen Alchemy: Elevate your recipes with almond-infused creations, from almond-crusted chicken to heavenly almond milkshakes.
  • Weight Wellness: Incorporating these almonds into your diet may aid in weight management and digestive health, supporting your wellness journey.

“Our Dedication to Quality”

At, we prioritize excellence. Discover why our American Almonds Giri 1kg Badam is a cut above the rest.

  • Sourced from the USA: We meticulously select almonds from the fertile orchards of the United States, ensuring premium quality.
  • Stringent Quality Control: Each almond undergoes rigorous quality checks to deliver only the finest to your doorstep.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Our airtight packaging guarantees the preservation of freshness and the natural goodness of these almonds.

How many grams of Carbs in 10 American almonds?

There are about 2.3 grams of carbs in 10 American almonds. This is about 4% of the recommended daily intake of carbs for adults. The rest of the calories in almonds come from fat (74%) and protein (14%).

How many Almonds Can a 1 year old Eat?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies start solids around 6 months of age. When introducing almonds to your baby, it is best to start with a small amount, such as 1 or 2 almonds, and gradually increase the amount as your baby gets used to them.

It is also important to choose almonds that are raw, unsalted, and unroasted. Roasted almonds can be harder to digest and may contain unhealthy oils.

Here are some tips for giving almonds to your 1-year-old:

  • Start with a small amount of almonds and gradually increase the amount as your baby gets used to them.
  • Choose raw, unsalted, and unroasted almonds.
  • Soak the almonds overnight before serving them to your baby. This will make them easier to digest.
  • Mash or puree the almonds before serving them to your baby.
  • Offer the almonds to your baby as part of a meal or snack.

It is important to watch your baby carefully when they are eating almonds. Almonds can be a choking hazard, so it is important to supervise them closely. If your baby chokes, do not panic.


Why American Almonds giri are large in size?

There are a few reasons why American almonds are larger than almonds grown in other parts of the world.

  • Climate: The climate in California, where most American almonds are grown, is ideal for almond production. The warm, dry summers and mild winters allow the almonds to grow and mature at a rapid pace.
  • Soil: The soil in California is also well-suited for almond production. The sandy loam soil is loose and drains well, which helps to prevent the almonds from developing mold or rot.
  • Water: Almond trees are relatively water-intensive, and California has abundant water resources. This allows the almonds to be watered regularly, which helps them to grow larger.
  • Genetics: American almonds have been bred over many years to produce larger nuts. This has been done through selective breeding, which involves choosing the best almonds to plant each year.

As a result of these factors, American almonds are typically larger than almonds grown in other parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why American almonds are considered to be some of the highest-quality almonds in the world.

American Almonds Price in Pakistan?

The price of large-size American almonds in Pakistan is 1300 Pakistani rupees (PKR) per 500 grams and 2600 PKR per kilogram.



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